Korayn Birralee Family Centre

A fabulous project bringing years of our experience in early childhood centres to a new level

  • The play areas are jam packed with vegetation where children can explore, play imaginary games and just do what kids need to do to develop their gross motor and socialisation skills.
  • Huge emphasis was given to the use of natural materials throughout including timber shade structures and natural log structures.
  • A tent allows teachers to teach children in small groups, even when it’s raining.
  • A raised water rill through the sand pit can be dammed with sand to make small oceans where sharks might swim!
  • Recycled sleepers form a sturdy deck around the sand pit with Chinese elms sprouting through to add to the shade and provide natural ‘toys’ for sand pit play.
  • A late request to include a First Peoples inspired work at the entry to the centre resulted in consultation with the local Wathurung representative and the design and construction of an 8m long Eel Trap replica. This allows children (and flexible adults!) to journey through on their way into and out of the centre.
2021 Commendation Award Architecture by Brand Architects Expertly built by TC Landscapes.