Our Design Process

You may choose to engage Ochre to develop any combination of concept or planting plans, construction details and specifications, irrigation or lighting plans for use with a licensed contractor.

Concept Plan

Plan, elevation and detail drawings are developed, as required, using CAD software to demonstrate the possibilities for your garden space. The concept plan is not a comprehensive construction document, but rather a detailed vision and collaboration of ideas.

A concept plan will often document:

  • Major elements of the design such as level changes, hard surfaces, garden areas, water features, focal points, access routes and important views
  • The manner in which these elements combine to create a cohesive, interesting and individualised garden.

Planting Plan

The planting does as much for the feel of a garden as the built structures. Ochre Landscape specialises in the development of creative designs drawing from a broad palette of interesting and less common plant species; something, both as horticulturists and designers, we are all very proud of.

Planting plans generally include:

  • Individual plant symbols, positions, quantities and planting requirements
  • A plant schedule including botanical and common names
  • We supply all references specific to your complement of garden plants, including colour photos.
Structure Planting

Construction Plans

A comprehensive set of drawings suitable for use with any licensed contractor, these may include:

  • Elevation, perspective and detail drawings as required
  • Detailed dimensions for all hard surfaces and structures
  • Specification listing incorporating materials and finishes, construction details and recommended suppliers
  • Irrigation and Lighting Plans
  • Drainage, electrical and other subsurface construction requirements can be detailed as required.


There are several ways in which your garden can progress from design to completion. You may choose to:

  • Engage Ochre Landscape for the purpose of project management. We find this to be convenient for most clients
  • Use contractors that you are familiar with, but have Ochre provide consultancy and advice as necessary
  • Build the garden yourself, have Ochre assist as required and provide plant sourcing/supply services at a competitive rate.