Early Learning

Playgrounds, recreational spaces and gardens within learning environments are vital for the appearance and function of the institution, but most importantly are critical for the experience of the children, teachers and parents. Ochre Landscape aims to provide creative and inspirational external spaces combining the principles of both natural and structured play. Plant material plays a pivotal role in our play space designs. A play space with little or no natural shade is uninspiring, hot and provides limited stimulation. Reflective heat from large areas of artificial turf and rubber surfaces add very little to activities which engage children’s enquiring and imaginative minds. On the contrary, trees and shrubs provide natural play elements; sticks, flowers, seeds, nuts, bark to touch or peel, along with the cooling effect of natural shade.

Essential development
Uneven surfaces and negotiating around tree trunks and winding paths are essential to the development of childrens’ gross motor skills which is the beginning of the pathway toward well developed fine motor skills. Walking along raised steppers, planks or uneven rock surfaces provides an environment to stimulate the connection between what the eyes see and how that information is translated into body movement.

Considered and Challenging
We aim to produce exceptional landscapes tailored to each client’s requirements, utilitarian needs, sense of place and budget. We often work closely with architects of new buildings to provide a cohesive landscape and building project. Ochre Landscape will always consider the existing site and architecture carefully and enjoy developing innovative designs that at times challenge the common perceptions of the garden and playground stereotype.

Key Skills
Ochre Landscape Designers have Bachelor level Horticultural Qualifications and treat the documentation of plant materials and soils with equal importance as the ‘hard’ landscape elements. Plant selection and general plant knowledge are key skills that the Ochre Landscape team brings to each new challenge. Our garden designers combine this horticultural knowledge with their talent in artistic design to create each playground and garden.

Educational Spaces

Ochre’s involvement with Gardens for Educational Spaces began at Ruyton Girls’ School back in 1996 where the then Principal Prue Gillies engaged Ochre Landscape to revitalise the grounds of Ruyton. Ochre has a had a close association with Ruyton ever since. Over this time many students, teachers, parents and visitors to the school have enjoyed the beautiful gardens. Similarly Shelford Girls’ Grammar has been under the guidance of the Ochre Team for many years.

Great gardens in schools create great results
The appearance of educational gardens is so important for the vibe of the organisation. It displays the caring nature of the institution as well as providing a relaxed environment for all users. In 2014 both Shelford and Ruyton topped the VCE results and we at Ochre are claiming that great gardens in schools create great results!

Residential Gardens

We aim to produce exceptional gardens tailored to each client’s taste, utilitarian needs and budget. We consider the existing site and architecture carefully and enjoy developing innovative designs that challenge the common perceptions of garden stereotype. An important element to Ochre garden designs is, and always has been, our diverse and intricate plantings. Ochre staff have horticultural backgrounds and treat the preparation and planting of gardens with equal importance as the ‘hard’ landscape elements.

Unique design

Ochre’s designers are always striving to create something unique with each design and are constantly on the lookout for new materials and plants to incorporate. We find inspiration in the most unlikely places! CAD software allows us to offer the associated efficiency, precision, and scale, without compromising on graphics or plan details. Plan presentation is clear, precise and easy to work with, yet still a piece of art within itself.