Garden in the Hills

  • The garden envelops the house and has been broken down into areas with different themes
  • Owner-built from plans with on-going owner-designer collaboration

Sustainable Native Garden

  • The land has been shaped to direct water surface runoff into the large pond
  • Entry boardwalk hovers above structured indigenous planting
  • Emphasis on fire-retardant species

Perennial Perfection

  • Perennial borders in flower from September to May, with striking foliage contrast taking centre stage during the colder months
  • A secluded lawn envelops the reflection pond
  • Multi-trunked Crepe Myrtles provide Summer shade

Oriental Twist

  • A calming garden with an oriental feel
  • A hand-made glass fountain provides a new focus for the garden, reflecting the free-form concrete retaining walls behind
  • Sheets of welded mesh provide climbing frames for espaliered Citrus

Contemporary Parterre

  • Aesthetically beautiful and productive
  • Plantings combined with hard landscape create a contemporary take on the traditional parterre garden
  • Plants were chosen for food, picking and beauty

Colourful Courtyard

  • A collection of shapes linking autonomous spaces, giving a small garden an illusion of spaciousness
  • A beautiful scene viewed from within the house

A Front Garden Re-invented

  • Modifications to the front facade of this Californian Bungalow allow seamless transition into the garden
  • The Corten front fence provides a striking backdrop for the planting, while retaining the garden and providing privacy and security
  • Bespoke copper rails meld the copper-tipped Osmanthus with the earthy tones of the paving

Sculptured Garden

  • A painting of plant species and paving styles inside the frame of a well maintained boundary hedge
  • Rudi Jass sculptures and precision built hard landscape features
  • Small deciduous trees shade the northern courtyard in Summer while allowing sun into the front sitting room in Winter

Entertaining Space

  • Existing Chinese Elms were retained and utilised to shade the large stone table
  • Wood-fired oven provides tasty roasts and pizza
  • Structured layout with a Mediterranean feel

A Riot of Colour

  • Inspired by the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy, the enormous stone fountain provides the centrepiece in a rich tapestry of colour, form and texture
  • Pastels may be easier to work with but bold colours really are the soul of a garden, adding rhythm, energy and definition.