LaValla Catholic College

A Meeting Place

  • The quarried and sawn local stone represents Marcellin building the Hermitage at LaValla, France.
  • From the Central Water Rock the Word spreads into the school and out into the community. These radiating lines and circular symbol also references the Aboriginal pictorial representation of the ‘Meeting Place’
  • An old Oak tree which was suffocated with asphalt and decking now has a large mulched garden with an array of herbaceous perennials and drought/shade thriving species.
  • Architecture by ClarkeHopkinsClarke.
  • Landscaping by Bond Landscaping.

Kurunjang Community Hub

Promoting Healthy Living

  • The centre combines a teaching kitchen with a garden full of productive plants, including 24 fruiting trees varieties and large vegetable growing beds.
  • The front gardens are maintained by community groups and the rear gardens including chickens are cared for by the adjacent Primary School Community.
  • The project aims to provide an avenue to develop an understanding of ‘fork to fork’, good food, nutrition and sustainability.
  • Sited in an established residential area close to the heart of Melton CBD.
  • Architecture by Brand Architects.

Good News Lutheran College

The Heart of the School

  • Central Courtyard provides a communal space linking surrounding buildings.
  • The central ‘Poppy’ was designed by year 12 design student, Kaitlyn and placed in the centre of the raised lawn area where the school planted a ‘Lone Pine’
  • Raised planting and lawn areas provide group seating areas throughout the space.
  • Local bluestone has been sourced for paving and seating.
  • Architecture by Brand Architects

Quantum Victoria, STEM Garden

Commendation Award 2018 – Association for Learning Environments Australasia

The Quantum Victoria STEM Garden is a modest yet magical intervention, fully immersing its users in the big ideas of 21st Century STEM learning, whilst providing a simple and flexible learning space.  The striking ‘Shadow Pergola’ cleverly uses sunlight to project data illustrating key STEM concepts which shape the world in which we live whilst providing a space for the next generation of curious minds to design how their future may look.

Holmesglen TAFE, Moorabbin Campus

  • The strong architectural elements of the complex have been interpreted in the surrounding landscape to ‘anchor’ the building to the site
  • Stainless steel, exposed aggregate concrete, chunky timber and simple lines combine into a very effective commercial landscape

Luther College, Croydon Hills

  • This landscape concept was inspired by a flight over the salt lakes of central Australia
  • Raised beds were constructed to direct traffic flow
  • The shapes divide the large area into more palatable sections, create intimate spaces, reduce maintenance requirements and ensure lawn areas, whilst available for use, are not trampled to the point of no return

Ruyton Girls’ Grammar

  • Ochre Landscape have been maintaining and developing the gardens of Ruyton Girls’ Grammar since 1996
  • The gardens are constantly evolving, and with the refurbishment and addition of school buildings and infrastructure, Ochre’s design team have been kept very busy over the years!

Ivanhoe Grammar School, Grounds

Evan and his team have been tending the gardens and undertaking landscape design at Ivanhoe Grammar Schools Ivanhoe and Plenty campuses since 2009. We have found Ochre to be creative, efficient and professional. They have worked in conjunction with our Staff to transform the ambience, general appearance and functionality of the School’s open spaces for the benefit of the Staff, Students and general community.

Roderick Fraser, Principal, Ivanhoe Grammar School