Korayn Birralee Family Centre

A fabulous project bringing years of our experience in early childhood centres to a new level

  • The play areas are jam packed with vegetation where children can explore, play imaginary games and just do what kids need to do to develop their gross motor and socialisation skills.
  • Huge emphasis was given to the use of natural materials throughout including timber shade structures and natural log structures.
  • A tent allows teachers to teach children in small groups, even when it’s raining.
  • A raised water rill through the sand pit can be dammed with sand to make small oceans where sharks might swim!
  • Recycled sleepers form a sturdy deck around the sand pit with Chinese elms sprouting through to add to the shade and provide natural ‘toys’ for sand pit play.
  • A late request to include a First Peoples inspired work at the entry to the centre resulted in consultation with the local Wathurung representative and the design and construction of an 8m long Eel Trap replica. This allows children (and flexible adults!) to journey through on their way into and out of the centre.
  • Architecture by Brand Architects.
  • Expertly built by TC Landscapes.

Highton Child & Family Centre Playspace


  • The project as a whole has gained 6-Star Green Rating. The landscape has played an important role in gaining this level of accreditation.
  • The licensed play spaces and centre surrounds utilise recycled timber, low carbon concrete and combine with dense tree planting and indigenous species.
  • Deciduous Boston Ivy has been used on all walls outside the licensed play areas as an additional insulation layer to the building. Ochre worked closely with Brand to provide a system that enables easy maintenance of what can be an aggressive climber.
  • A fort sits in the corner of the play space looking out across the suburb of Highton.
  • A small deck at the back of the slide mound features deck bells that ring out as the children tap them with their feet.
  • Trees are integrated into the decks around the sandpits to provide natural shade. The S-Bend shaped sandpit quickens the process of shading by the trees.
  • Swings are located in the corner along with the veggie gardens, separated from active play spaces.
  • Architecture by Brand Architects

Altona Early Years Hub

A new centre to service the Community in an established area of Altona

  • The sandpits are snaking shapes and the trees specified in large sizes to provide immediate shade
  • The heavily vegetated playspaces are punctuated with varies activity spaces and areas allowing staff can change-up the theme.
  • The language of Altona has been subtly brought into the landscape.  Channel markers at the entry, Pelican feet sandblasted into the entry paving and cubbies that represent the iconic refinery tanks
  • A tent gives the opportunity for children to sit outside in the rainy weather and experience the rain hitting the canvas.
  • Construction was beautifully completed by BC Gardens

Kalkee Children’s & Community Hub – Horsham

This was a twofold project for Ochre Landscape

It began as a landscape design for the centre and ended in a public art commission where we were engaged to design and construct a fun kids entry to the centre with a local indigenous influence. Thus the fish trap inspired tunnel.

  • It is very gratifying to watch the kids entering and exiting the centre all running through the fish trap.
  • The playspace is packed with trees including the large leafed Brachychiton ‘Bella Pink’
  • Local timber used for all decking and structures
  • Lots of activity spaces have been created throughout the landscape separated by tree planting including a maze of upright apple trees.
  • Construction by Scott Smith

Bridge Road Children’s and Community Centre, Melton

Victorian State Winner 2015 – Association for Learning Environments Australasia

  • The play space has been divided into different zones enabling different types of play- passive, active, solitary or in groups
  • Providing many different types of sensory stimulation for the children by way of plants with different foliage texture and colour, interesting seed pods that can be used for play and also different surface treatments

Ivanhoe Grammar School, Junior Play

Of particular note at our Ivanhoe campus are Ochre’s creation of the Buckley House Primary and Early Learning Centre playgrounds, which were both specifically designed in collaboration with teaching Staff to address identified educational and imaginative play needs.

Roderick Fraser, Principal, Ivanhoe Grammar School

Ivanhoe Grammar School, Early Learning Playground

From the planning stages, Evan understood our ideas and requirements for our new playground. He produced clear plans at follow up meetings, and was prepared to make changes if required. The ELC staff was delighted with the new playground that was completed on time. It is exactly what we planned; featuring many new and exciting play spaces. Areas that were not useable spaces previously, are now exciting and they encourage children to enquire, pretend, explore and engage in play.

Early Learning Centre, Ivanhoe Grammar School

Ivanhoe Grammar School, Mernda, Junior Play

Ochre’s outstanding work on the Junior School adventure playground was featured on the ABC program Gardening Australia, and is a multifunctional space that is thoroughly enjoyed by our younger students

Roderick Fraser, Principal, Ivanhoe Grammar School


I am a gardener at Victor Harbor R-7 School in South Australia and a big fan of your playscape work for schools. Recently I showed a group of our reception students the Gardening Australia programme featuring Ivanhoe Grammar; they loved it so much that they wrote a letter to our Principal asking for a water pump.

Gardener at Victor Harbor R-7 School